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Delta Zeta Sorority was founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1902. Our organization's history began with the blossoming friendship between Alfa Lloyd, Mary Collins, Anna Keen, Julia Bishop, Mabelle Minton, and Anne Simmons. The six women shared a vision of lifelong sisterhood cultivated by a set of cherished ideals. However, their hopes to establish a social sorority were not easily attainable. Our founders faced the challenges of forming an organization for women on a predominantly male campus, for women had just been granted full status as students at Miami University. Soon, the six collegiate women arranged a meeting with the former president of their university, Dr. Guy Potter Benton, to turn their dreams into a reality. Despite the obstacles they faced along their journey, they succeeded in their efforts, and Delta Zeta became the first sorority to be founded at the university. Our founders developed the foundation for our sorority which would have a national reach. Today, Delta Zeta has enriched the lives of over 260,000 alumnae and collegiate members in the United States and Canada.


The values of a Delta Zeta are as follows: To create a true and lasting friendship among a group of women, to encourage one another in the pursuit of knowledge, to promote values-based living and embrace social responsibility. In the Alpha Sigma chapter here at Florida State University, those values are taken to heart. We are a group of strong, motivated women with many different backgrounds but what brings us together is our shared values. In our chapter, we strive to make positive connections inside and outside the sorority. This encourages our members to grow and create opportunities for other women. 

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