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Every year, Delta Zeta participates in both Spring and Fall Recruitment in the hopes of inviting more amazing women to join our sisterhood. Delta Zeta's are courageous, bold, daring, loving, generous, empowered women who strive to uplift themselves and one another. Delta Zeta's are united in bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, and stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge.

Delta Zeta is so much more than a sorority. It's a home; a place filled with laughter, and light, and love that's unconditional and ever steadfast.

We welcome you to join us this year for formal recruitment and learn even more about what makes our chapter of Delta Zeta so incredible!

Meet Shannon!

First of all, I want to congratulate you on making the decision to potentially become a Panhellenic Woman at Florida State University!  I truly believe joining Delta Zeta was the best decision I made in college and I am confident every single one of my sisters would agree.  Everyday I am surrounded by the most driven, courageous, empowering, intelligent, and compassionate women I have ever known.  My Delta Zeta sisters are my world and I don’t know where I would be without them. For those of you that are hesitant about going through recruitment, I assure you that Greek life at Florida State brings a unique sense of community to a school where it can sometimes be difficult to feel at home. My membership in Delta Zeta has been a constant source of guiding light in a time notoriously marked by change. I know that I can count on my sisters for just about anything—academic advice, internship connections, support in my extracurricular activities, a girls night in, a shoulder to cry on, homework help, and always a good laugh. My first few months as a new member were so exciting, and it was so comforting to feel the love and support from all of the active members who genuinely cared about making DZ my home. I cannot wait to do the same for all of my future sisters.
You may be feeling overwhelmed by the recruitment process, but my one piece of advice is to remember to be yourself. The purpose of recruitment is to find the sisterhood that is the best fit for you, but that is only possible if you are genuine and keep an open mind. Let yourself get to know us, as we get to know you. When I went through recruitment, I fell in love with Delta Zeta, but I never knew the extent to which my future sisters would help me reach my highest potential as a leading woman at FSU.  I am who I am because of Delta Zeta and I am so excited for each and every one of you to find your home just like I have. 
In the light of the flame,
Shannon Meyer
Vice President of Membership

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