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A lifelong, values-based membership experience for women


As Delta Zetas, we exhibit courage, generosity, and understanding in all that we pursue. We strive to be selfless in our efforts and inspire those around us to do the same. The women of our chapter empower one another to live a life of fulfillment through honesty and supportiveness. Delta Zeta's are united in bonds of sincere and lasting friendship, and stimulate one another in the pursuit of knowledge.

The sincere actions of our sisters allows us to grow together and to be remarkably authentic. The gift of sisterhood is unparalleled, for the lifelong friendships we develop are unlike anything else. Our commitment to creating a values-based experience for women shines bright as we guide one another down a truthful path. 

To know Delta Zeta is to know the unconditional love and everlasting support of our sisters. Our dedication to the betterment of our community allows us to foster growth in all of our endeavors. Every day is a beautiful one because of the home we have found in our sorority.


Each year, the Alpha Sigma chapter of Delta Zeta participates in both Fall and Spring Recruitment to invite more incredible women to join our sisterhood. We hope that your recruitment journey allows you to discover a home away from home. 

We welcome you to join us this year for recruitment as you take the next step in your experience at Florida State University. The recruitment process offers the opportunity for you to learn more about the Panhellenic community and the chapters involved. Such an experience allows for women to establish long-lasting relationships and grow throughout the process. 


For further information and to register for formal recruitment, you can visit the Florida State Panhellenic Association's official website.

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Welcome to Florida State University! I am Emma Haines, Vice President of Membership for Delta Zeta at Florida State University. I am ecstatic to hear that you are interested in joining Delta Zeta and are going through the recruitment process! 

Going through the recruitment process is an amazing way to meet like-minded women during your college experience. Before going through recruitment my freshman year, I never considered joining a chapter since there were so many stereotypes surrounding what a sorority was in pop culture. That was until I heard about all of the great opportunities and connections that were involved in it! Once I met the women in Delta Zeta, I had almost instantly started making great connections as they should me the guidance and support I wanted to find at Florida State University. The women I met in Delta Zeta truly understood me and had me laughing throughout all of our conversations; I knew those were the women I could see myself grabbing lunch with or taking spontaneous trips around Tallahassee.

The one aspect of Delta Zeta that truly stood out to me is the diversity within our members. We have so many sisters from different backgrounds, cultures, and aspirations that there is no mold or box you have to fit into to be apart of our sisterhood. However, we all are connected through our values of friendship, leadership, and bettering ourselves and the community. 

The past three years in my chapter have given me various leadership opportunities and true sisterhood that have encouraged me to become the strong independent woman that I have always strived to be. Serving as Delta Zeta’s Vice President of Membership has allowed me to give back to the chapter that has given me so many different ways to get involved on campus and lifelong friends that I will cherish for years to come! 

My advice to you going through the recruitment process is to keep an open mind about each chapter and truly be yourself! You want to join a chapter that accepts you for who you truly are instead of someone you are trying to be. Although, recruitment is a stressful time with laughs, tears, and everything else in between; trust the process, and I am sure that you will find the women who will motivate you every day to become the better version of yourself! 


My sisters and I can not wait to meet you next fall, and again welcome to Florida State University!


 Emma Haines

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