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I have said goodbye to being alone in my soul.

I have said goodbye to falling helplessly into the world as it is given to me.

I have become something much different than myself on my own,

Enticed further along a journey I didn’t know existed before


I believe the world is much bigger than our breath allows it to be,

But with you,

We are breathing together, widely and wildly,

And we are walking into the oceans that once made us afraid because

Of all the uncertainties that lie beneath their trembling waters;

We are walking and, rather, dancing, among variables of being,

Made warm and familiar and gentle, by you.

There is in all of us the currents and continuities that run between our veins

Like small pieces of earth shattering together,

Convulsing into something we are each able to understand,

But only through each other’s eyes.

There is in all of us the air that pulses through our lungs, laughing,

Rushing into us as we call the soul next to us:


We will run further,

We will see deeper,

We will become greater and catapult forward with such a drive that

Hasn’t been alive inside of us until this very moment of joining.

The path to excellence is lined with each other’s arms wide open;

It echoes deeply inside of us the same way the

Rhythm of the earth pushes into canopies of trees

Planted together in harmonious knowing,

In being.

We have become risk takers,

Movement creators,

We have become ready for whatever may touch us with a lightness in our souls because

We are not souls alone;

We have become sisters.

Before this moment, these moments,

I was a shell of who I would become.

But in this moment, I am a piece of every woman here,

Wrapping their arms around me to lift me up into

An oblivion I have never seen fully,

Asking me to experience life in multicolor, cinematic tension.

And I am not afraid.


-Hannah Messinger, Alpha Sigma, PC '15

This is just a glimpse into what it means to be a sister of Delta Zeta; to live for one another and truly walk in the light of the flame. From game-days to wedding days, you will always have Delta Zeta by your side. Come join Delta Zeta and make some love that lasts!