The Alpha Sigma chapter of Delta Zeta is dedicated to encouraging the development of everlasting bonds among women by promoting honorable action and unconditional love. The women of Delta Zeta exemplify confidence, strength, and passion as they seek opportunities through impactful collaboration and conscientious initiative. Our dedication to serving our community fosters personal growth and contextualizes our world mission. The fundamental value of sisterly love eloquently exhibits what it means to be a Delta Zeta woman, for our members uplift and inspire one another to honor the principles of companionship, selflessness, and leadership. Our organization strives to uphold our values and instill the meaning of true friendship, so that our sisters may achieve their full potential. Through insightful behavior and the maintaining of responsibility, may Delta Zeta women offer graciousness as they take action.



Welcome to the Alpha Sigma chapter of Delta Zeta!

This chapter is full of supportive, loving, and gracious women. Through Delta Zeta, I have gained unique opportunities, learned valuable skills, and grown so much. I joined Delta Zeta as a freshman at Florida State, in the fall of 2018. I felt an instant connection during the second round of recruitment when laughing with a sister, and that is when I first felt that I belonged in Delta Zeta. The next round I fell in love with this chapter when I met someone who would eventually come one of my best friends and big. Every time I would walk into Delta Zeta, I continued to meet women that I truly connected with and I began to feel at home and at ease.

I was blown away every day of my new member experience on how welcoming the women in this chapter are, and I have continued to be amazed every day since I joined. I have never felt alone while being in this chapter, and I truly feel the love and support radiating out of our members every day. The opportunities and relationships I have gained are invaluable. Delta Zeta has shaped me into the woman I am today, a sorority President leading the most amazing
women, which I never dreamed would be possible.

I really do owe everything that has happened in my college experience to Delta Zeta. I came into college thinking I knew who I was, but I was so wrong. I have grown into a responsible, strong, and compassionate woman and I have seen so many others grow in so many ways. Although it sounds cheesy, the women I have met in the chapter are unlike any friends I have ever had before. I know that they will be with me way beyond college and I look forward to
being a part of this sisterhood for the rest of my life.


Thank you for taking the time to look into what our sisterhood means to us. I hope these pictures and words can give you a glimpse into what it means to be a Delta Zeta!


      Isabel Morby

Our Creed

To the World, I Promise Temperance and Insight and Courage
To Crusade for justice, To seek the truth and defend it always
To those whom my life may touch in slight measure, May I give graciously of what is mine
To my friends, Understanding and appreciation
To those closers one, Love that is ever steadfast
To my mind, Growth
To myself, Faith
That I may walk truly In the light of the Flame.