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Starkey Hearing Foundation

Delta Zeta benefits the Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization determined to give the gift of hearing to those in need, empowering them to achieve their potential. Out of the more than 360 million people that suffer from hearing loss around the world, the majority live in developing countries without access to hearing aids or other forms of hearing care. The Starkey Hearing Foundation travels the globe to help these people in need, and give more than 175,000 hearing aids annually in more than 100 countries.


In 1954, Delta Zeta’s National Convention voted to make Speech and Hearing our philanthropy concern, eventually making the Starkey Hearing Foundation our National Philanthropy Partner. In 2015, Delta Zeta pledged to raise $15 million over the next five years for the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

To learn how you can get involved, visit www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org

Delta Ziti and Disco With DZ

This spring, Delta Zeta held our second annual Delta Ziti event. Delta Ziti is an all you can eat pasta experience where anyone can come to enjoy music and linguine made from our very own College Chefs, Little Italy and Olive Garden.

Later in the week, we hosted our first ever Silent Disco event at TENN Nightclub. When  walking into the venue, it is almost completely silent. Then when someone placed the wireless earphones on they were about to choose from three of the live DJs including DubYes, LoudFi and FINN who were all students of Florida State. This event symbolizes what it is like for someone who has a hearing impairment who later receives a cochlear implant. 

Drum Roll, Please

Due to the efforts of our last and current Vice President of Philanthropy, Mikayla and Paxton, we were able to raise $21,182 for the 2018-2019 school year. The money raised contributed to the Starkey Hearing Foundation, the FSU Speech and Hearing Clinic and the Painted Turtle Camp. Also, last spring we were able to complete a $50,000 endowment to the FSU Speech and Hearing Clinic. The Alpha Sigma Chapter of Delta Zeta is one of FSU's only sorority to give back to both a local and national charity.